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Children's Services & Programs
Adoption, Child Care, Child Welfare, Drug Use Prevention, Information for Parents, Juvenile Justice, Missing Children, Maine Children's Organizations
Cities, Towns & Counties
Look up any Maine city, town, or county to find contact information, facts, officials, and local links.
Disability Resources
Accessible Recreation, Disability Benefits, Employment Services, State Programs, Technology, and Related Organizations
Driver's License Information
License Renewal/Replacement, Driver Records, Driver Education, State ID Cards, Forms, Fees
Vehicle Requirements & Information
Vehicle Titles, Registration, License Plates, Inspections, Insurance, Lemon Law
Consumer Protection
Consumer Laws & Rights, Scams, Privacy, Fraud Prevention, Product Recalls, Complaint Forms & Assistance
Getting Married in Maine
How to Get a Marriage License, Requirements, Officiants
Health & Safety
Children's Health, Health Resources, Health Insurance, Mental Wellness, Disease Reporting & Prevention, Emergency Medical Services, Personal Safety, Physical Abuse, Public Safety, Vaccinations, Veterans' Health
Housing & Utilities
Building and Construction, Cost of Living, New Home Buyer Information, Property Taxes, Real Estate Resources, Rent & Housing Assistance, Utilities, Foreclosure Resources
Land & Environment
Agriculture, Ecology Programs & Information, Parks, Plant Protection & Weed Control, Red Flag Fire Alert
Moving to Maine
Employment, Getting a Driver’s License, Medical Facilities, Register Your Vehicle, School Districts, State and Local Taxes, Utilities, Voter Information
Records & Statistics
Demographic Information, Health Statistics, Population Estimates, Unclaimed Property Search, Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates
Senior Citizen & Elderly Resources
Online Services, Health Care, Resources for the Elderly, Aging Veterans, Programs for Seniors, Legal Resources, Education & Recreation, Retirement
Taxes & Finances
General Property Tax Information, Online Tax Filing, State Income Tax Information, State Sales Tax, State Tax Forms