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Voting & Elections

Find your polling place, elected officials, and candidates on the ballot, request an absentee ballot, and more.

Absentee Ballot Request
Agency: Secretary of State

Use the online service to submit an electronic request for an absentee ballot from your municipality, or create a ready-to-mail printable form.

Fee or Free: Free
Subscription?: Non-Subscriber
Qualifying Contributions for Maine Clean Election Act Candidates
Agency: Ethics

This online service allows users to support a candidate seeking public financing by making a $5 qualifying contribution or to support the Maine Clean Election Act program by making a general donation in any amount.

Fee or Free: Fee
Subscription?: Non-Subscriber
Voter Information Look-Up Service
Agency: InforME

Find your local polling place, candidates and current elected officials.

Fee or Free: Free
Subscription?: Non-Subscriber
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