Maine Child Support: Division of Support Enforcement & Recovery (DSER)


No more paper checks! Starting in March, all new applicants will begin receiving their support payments on the new U.S. Bank Visa prepaid debit card called the ReliaCard. Learn more about the ReliaCard at If you are receiving paper checks currently you will be notified by mail in the coming months when to expect your new ReliaCard.


The division is responsible for the development and implementation of the rules, regulations, policies and procedures necessary to assure that all non-custodial parents are contributing to the economic support of their children.

Division Profile

Maine's Division of Support Enforcement & Recovery works within the auspices of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services - Office for Family Independence.  The Program was established in 1975 pursuant to Title IV-D of the Social Security Act.

NOTICE: If you are in receipt of public assistance, you may no longer be exempt from collection in instances where there is a non-recurring lump-sum payment. This new law will apply to tax refunds as well as other payments as defined by Title 19A subsection 2302. If you have questions, please contact the enforcement agent assigned to your case. Please click Announcements for a copy of Title 19A, subsection 2302