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Chapter 5 - Compensation Plan


A.  Use and Structure of Salary Schedules.

The pay of classified and covered unclassified employees shall be on the basis of appropriate weekly schedules or hourly wage rates as adopted and published by the Director for the respective classes of positions. Each schedule shall consist of an entrance rate, intermediate rate or rates, and a maximum rate except for those classes where a flat or single rate is prescribed by the Director. The schedule of weekly salaries and hourly wage rates, including amendments made in accordance with the Civil Service Law and these rules, shall constitute the official compensation plan for all covered classified and unclassified positions.

B.  Full-Time Basis of Salary Schedules.

1.  Standard Conditions.

The salaries provided in the standard salary schedules are fixed on the basis of full-time service for work weeks of 40 hours.

2.  Non-Standard Conditions.

The salary rates for classes of positions specified by the Director as non-standard, and so identified in the official Salary Schedule, are established on the basis of full-time service for the variable work week required by working conditions or outside operating duty.

C.  Application of Salary Amounts.

1.  Total Remuneration.

Any salary paid to an employee in the classified service shall represent the total for the employee, not including reimbursements for official travel. Except as otherwise provided, no employee shall receive pay from the state in addition to the salary authorized under the schedules provided in the pay plan for services rendered, either in the discharge of ordinary duties, or the performance of any additional duties which may be imposed, or which may be undertaken or performed voluntarily.

2.  Subsistence and Maintenance Allowances.

Subsistence or maintenance allowances received in lieu of cash shall be considered as part of the total salary. Whenever subsistence or maintenance is allowed in lieu of cash, a schedule of such maintenance together with a statement of the policy and rules to be followed in making charges therefor shall be submitted by the appointing authority for the approval of the Director.

3.  Salaries of Professional, Technical, and Administrative Personnel.

The salary schedules for professional, technical, supervisory and administrative positions, while generally based on the standard work week, are intended to include compensation for such additional time as may be required to satisfactorily perform the duties of the respective positions.

4.  Hourly Rates Allowed.

Weekly rates of pay shall be paid except that on certification by an appointing authority that payment of weekly rates for certain classes within his/her jurisdiction is not feasible because of the variable, temporary or intermittent nature of the work, the Director may authorize the payment of hourly rates for the classes concerned. Such hourly rates shall be from among those published in the salary schedule for the particular class of work involved.