Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a state job? What is a job bulletin?

A job bulletin is an announcement that lists a job for which the State of Maine is currently recruiting. Job announcements will tell you the title of the job, the time period during which applications will be accepted (open/close date), the agency(s) and city(s) where the job is located, pay, duties, and what type of examination (if any) you will take to qualify for the job and be on the register of qualified applicants. The announcement will tell you how and where to apply and will list the requirements of the job. You may apply for a State of Maine job when there is a current job announcement.

What is the "register"?

A register is a list of applicants qualified for the job(s) for which they have applied. They have completed testing and are placed on a list, ready to be referred to agencies for job interviews. When state agencies have openings, they call the Bureau of Human Resources to request a Certification of Eligibles. Once an agency receives a Certification of Eligibles, they may begin the interview process. If your score places you within the top 6 scores on the register, you may be called for an interview. Be sure to keep your telephone number and address current with the Bureau of Human Resources. Your name will remain on the register until your score expires. You will receive a letter indicating both your examination results and the expiration date of your score.

May I apply online? Can I e-mail my resume to the Bureau of Human Resources?

You may apply for several different job classifications on line by clicking on the "Apply Now" link under the job title on our Open Competitive Jobs page. As of July 30, 2007, those jobs with an "Apply Now" link require an on-line application (paper applications will not be accepted for those job titles). We do not currently accept e-mail submissions of applications or resumes.

Do I have to submit an application form for every position for which I apply? Can't I just write down several announcement numbers on one application?

Most positions require a State of Maine Employment Application and any additional information as requested on the job bulletin. You are welcome to complete the Employment Application just once and make copies of it--changing the job.

What paperwork do I need to complete when applying for a position with the state?

This depends upon the position. Most positions/bulletins require a State of Maine Employment Application. Instructions on each bulletin will tell you what paperwork or information is needed. This could include any of the following: answering questions listed on the back of the bulletin, college transcripts, resumes, checklists, or other information.

Please define the closing date on a job bulletin.

The closing date found on any given job bulletin is the date by which all application materials (envelopes, resume, copies of transcripts, supplemental forms, application form, etc) must be postmarked to the Bureau of Human Resources.

I want to apply for a job, but the city I want is not listed. Can I still apply for the city I want?

Some announcements will show that positions are located only in certain cities. If there is no restriction on the location of the positions, you may apply and indicate the cities where you would be willing to consider employment. Please note that not all positions are located in every city.

I am a state employee and want to apply for a promotional opportunity. Do I need to send in a state application for employment?

Yes, please submit a State of Maine Employment Application.

Will I have to take an examination after I apply?

In many cases, the questions you answered on the back of the bulletin were the examination. However, some jobs require a multiple-choice written examination. If additional testing is required, you will be notified by letter. The examination process is described on each bulletin.

I have applied. What happens now?

Once the job announcement has closed, all applications received for that position will be reviewed by Subject Matter Experts. Usually within two weeks after the closing date, you will be notified by mail of your score, an examination date or the need for additional information. The letter you receive will tell you the status of your application. For those positions with an 'until canceled' closing date, it takes roughly two weeks to review and assign a score after we receive your application.

What do my results mean in the examination results letter?

The examination result letters notifies applicants if they passed or failed an examination, what their passing score is, and their expiration date on the register.

Why does my rank change almost daily?

An applicant's rank on the register can change almost on a daily basis. As new applicants are added to the register, your placement could go down (if their score is higher than yours is). Your rank can also go up as applicants come off a register. This can occur for several reasons: scores have expired, applicants have obtained other jobs and asked to be removed, or applicants did not respond to letters sent by an agency or the Bureau of Human Resources. Depending on the position, names can be added and deleted daily.

I have received my score, what happens next?

If there is a current job opening for this position, a Certification of Eligibles is created and sent to the agency with the vacancy. If some of the applicants in the top six decline the interview opportunity, are no longer available, are unable to be contacted, etc., the agency can go to the next name(s) on the register. If there is no current opening for this position, (the bulletin is open for continuous recruitment for future job openings) the applicants are placed on the register and are available when there are job openings.

I live out-of-state; can I apply? How do I interview?

The Bureau of Human Resources accepts applications from anyone no matter what their location. The State of Maine Employment Application and job bulletins can be printed from our Internet site, or we can mail or fax them to you. This information is also available at any Maine Career Center Office. We accept applications by personal delivery, drop-off box, or mail. Job interviews are arranged by the state agency that is hiring the applicant. You are welcome to inquire about telephone interviews with the hiring agency should you be called for an interview.

What are Veteran's Preference points?

Go to the Veterans Preference page.

What does "re-hire" mean?

Re-hire means the re-employment of a former classified employee to a class in which he or she held a permanent status. Former classified state employees: If a state employee quits or their employment from state service is terminated, without prejudice, for any reason, they may be eligible for re-employment into a job classification which they held as a state employee. The length of re-hire eligibility is 3 years. Re-employment forms must be approved by the last employer and submitted to the Bureau of Human Resources.

How do I transfer or demote?

A current classified state employee may be eligible to transfer or demote into any job classification of equal or lower pay grade if they meet the minimum qualifications of that job classification. A Transfer/Demotion request should be completed and submitted to the Bureau of Human Resources.

What benefits do state employees have?

Go to the Employee Benefits page.

I have reached my register end date. What happens now?

Once a score has expired, you must re-apply for the classification.

How can I increase my chances of qualifying for a job?

You should read the minimum entrance requirements carefully. If you think you meet these requirements, make sure to highlight your experience that relates to the minimum entrance requirements in your job duties.

How do I apply for a job that is not listed on the website?

If the job is not listed on our website, it is not open to application. You must wait for the job to be posted on our website to apply.

How often should I look at job openings?

You should check our website at least once a week to ensure you do not miss any job openings. We are required to post jobs for 10 working days; if you check our site at least once a week you should not miss any openings.

Where can I get assistance completing an online application?

You can get assistance filling out your application at any CareerCenter. To find a CareerCenter near you go to The Bureau of Human Resources staff can also assist you with completing your application; we can be reached at (207) 624-7761.

What if I do not have a computer?

If you do not have a computer, there are several resources you can use.

  • Libraries: Most libraries in Maine have computers with internet access that are available for your use. To find a library in your area go to Once on this page you will see a section that says Select Options; be sure to enter “Public” under the Type drop-down box. This will provide you with the contact information for the library closest to you.

  • CareerCenters: State of Maine CareerCenters have computers with internet access. To find a CareerCenter near you go to On the left of this page you will see a drop down box that says “CareerCenters.” Simply select the town nearest you and it will provide you with the contact information for the CareerCenter you have selected.
  • Bureau of Human Resources: We have two computer terminals that are available to the public. You can visit us at the Cross Office Building in Augusta, Maine on the 4th floor (our physical address is 109 Sewall St., Augusta, ME 04333) to access a computer from our office. We can be reached at (207) 624-7761.

What if I don’t have an e-mail address?

You must have an e-mail address to apply online. If you do not have an e-mail address, you can visit a CareerCenter and they will provide you with an e-mail address free of charge. Most internet service providers provide free e-mail accounts such as MSN, AOL, Comcast, etc. Some search engines such as Google and Yahoo also offer free e-mail.

Who can I contact for an accommodation for a disability with the application process?

You can contact the Bureau of Human Resources for a reasonable accommodation by phone at (207) 624-7761 or TTY: 1-888-577-6690, or by mail at 4 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333.

Do I have to apply online?

If the job you are interested in is marked “Apply Now,” you must apply online. We do not accept paper applications for these jobs. If “Apply Now” is not listed next to the job, you must submit a paper application.

Is it safe to use my Social Security number?

Social Security numbers are transmitted and stored securely using state-of-the art encryption. Your social security number will stay secure during your application process.

How long will it take me to complete the on-line application?

The time it will take you to complete your application depends on your computer skills, the amount of information you need to enter, as well as other factors. Once you have completed your first application, the information is saved; the next time you fill out your application, it will take less time to complete.

What information do I need to start my application?

You will be asked information about your contact information, work history, education/training history, where you want to work, when you want to work, etc. You should have a copy of your resume and education/training history in front of you when you begin your application so you can enter start and end dates for employers, job duties, addresses, license numbers, graduation dates, etc.

Once I start my application, can I quit in the middle of completing it?

There are two sections of the application. The “Create Profile” portion of your application will be saved even if you quit before you have finished. Once you begin completing the “Apply” portion of your application, including the Minimum entrance requirements and all sections after that section, you must complete the process for the information to be saved; the information will not be saved if you log out early.

What do I do if logout early and my information is not saved?

You must return to the online application and reenter the information.

What information do I have to complete on the application?

You must complete the fields marked as “required fields,” but try to complete as much information as possible. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for us to evaluate your application.

Why is some of my information already entered?

You may have information entered in the profile section of your application that we have entered for you from previous application(s). Please be sure to verify that all of the information is accurate and complete; do not assume the information has been entered.

What is the difference between Semester Hours and Quarter Hours in the Education Section?

Depending on the educational institution you attended, they may track your hours by semester or by quarter. Please check with your educational institution to confirm how they track your records.

In what order should I enter my work history?

Your work history will appear in the order you enter it. Please list your current employer first.

What do I list for an end date for my current employer?

If you are currently working for this employer, you should check the box stating “Check if presently employed with this employer.” You will not need to enter an end date if this box is checked.

What if I can’t remember the start and end dates for my work history?

Your work history information must be as complete and accurate as possible. Failure to provide complete or accurate information in this section could result in disqualification. Please try to research your work history to find the most accurate dates possible.

What if the hours I worked for an employer varied? What should I enter for hours worked?

If your hours varied at a particular job, please list an average number of hours you worked per week.

How do I know when I have successfully submitted my application?

The final page of the online application has a button that says “Submit Application.” You must select this button to successfully submit your application. Once you select this button, you will see a confirmation page. You will also receive an e-mail stating that you have successfully submitted your application. If you do not see the confirmation page and/or do not receive a confirmation e-mail, your application has not been successfully submitted.

Can I edit my information after I have submitted an application?

You can edit your profile information after you have submitted your application such as your contact information or geographical location preferences.

How do I edit my profile information?

Login to your account, click on “preview your entire profile,” and edit the information. This information will be changed on all future applications.

How do I edit my geographical preferences, work preferences, or travel information?

Login to your account; under Review Submitted Job Application, click “Review now.” Click “edit” to edit this information. This information will be edited on this job application only.

How do I withdraw an application I have submitted online?

Login to your account; under Review Submitted Job Application click “Review Now.” Click “Withdraw Application.” IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you click withdraw application, you will not be able to reactivate this application and you will not be able to reapply for that same classification and code until 90 days after you submitted the initial application.

How do I submit additional information with my application?

We do not accept additional information with your online application such as resumes, references, transcripts, etc. You may bring these materials to the interview with you if you are contacted.

How will I receive my examination results?

Your examination results will be sent to the e-mail address that you used to login.

How long will it take for me to be placed on the register?

Online applications are processed much more quickly than paper applications. You should be placed on the register within 24 to 72 hours of submitting your application.

How do I receive credit for being an ASPIRE program participant?

You must submit a copy of your completed ASPIRE form to the Bureau of Human Resources to receive preference for being in this program.

How do I get a copy of my application?

The Bureau of Human Resources does not provide copies of your application materials. If you would like to keep a complete copy of the information you are submitting, please print each completed page before continuing on to the next screen.