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Frequently Asked Questions About Discipline

What am I supposed to do?
You must respond in writing to the information that we provided to you. Whether this is from a hospital, nursing home, home health agency, any other health care provider or from a patient, consumer or any other individual, we must hear “your side of the story.” This is your opportunity to be heard.

What am I supposed to say?

Tell what happened from your perspective. Remember, the Board members do not know you so sufficient detail is necessary for them to get the entire picture to be able to make a decision. Typing your response does make it easier for the Board members to read.

Will my response be seen by the person filing the Complaint/Provider Report?
YES, The Board is required by procedure to send a copy of your response to the person filing the Complaint/Provider Report.

Does this mean I can’t work?
No. You may continue to practice. At this point, this is information that has been provided to the Board. NO DECISIONS HAVE BEEN MADE – nor will any decision be made without you knowing about it.

What happens to my license? Do I lose it?

Nothing happens to it at this point. The Board does not have enough information to make a decision. We need to hear from you.

What happens next?
The information that we received from the facility or the individual PLUS YOUR RESPONSE will be reviewed by the Board of Nursing at its next regularly scheduled meeting. The only thing that happens then is that they decide whether to take no action OR whether they wish to meet with you informally (in an informal conference) to discuss and resolve the matter. You will get a response from us soon after the Board meets.

How long does it take?
That depends on when we get your response and how soon the Board is meeting after we do get your response and whether they have enough information to make a decision. The Board members are fully employed individuals who hold responsible jobs and convene quarterly in Augusta for Board meetings to address Board business. In between these quarterly meetings we schedule informal conferences in order to meet with nurses in as timely a fashion as is humanly possible.