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  SUBJECT:    Temporary Work Programs for Fiscal Year 2013-14

                              General Information and Instructions



DATE:              June 26, 2013


TO:                     All Departments and Agencies


FROM:             Melissa L. Gott, State Budget Officer                                     

                            Bureau of the Budget


              Accompanying this memorandum is a Statewide Appropriations/Allocations report in PDF format for the Financial Order below.   


Temporary Work Program Financial Order 001630 F4


              This order implements the fiscal year 2013-14 Temporary work program with actions approved in Public Law 2013, c. 368 and Public Law 2013, c. 354 the Unified General Fund and Other Funds and the Unified Highway Fund and Other Funds budget bills.


              To distribute authorized budget amounts electronically using the Budget and Financial Management System (BFMS), select the Annual button on the Main Menu, select 2014 from the Year drop down, select the appropriate department or agency from the Umbrella drop down in the Annual work program Selection window, select Statewide Financial Orders and click the Select button.  In the Statewide Financial Order Summary window, select the record for the financial order reflected above.  Please distribute amounts to the first quarter only, using one object code for each line category.  Detailed budget distribution will be forthcoming in the release of the traditional work program.


              Departments and agencies may print a Statewide Financial Order expenditures report by selecting Reports and Annual from the drop down menu, selecting Statewide Financial Orders and clicking the Open button.  A copy of this report, generated at the Umbrella level, must be signed by the department or agency head and forwarded to the Bureau of the Budget. 


              The deadline for completion and filing is Friday, June 28, 2013 at 12:00 noon.  If you are not able to meet this deadline please contact your Budget Analyst immediately.  Please contact your Budget Analyst if you have any questions or need assistance.









Temporary work programs are intended to provide sufficient allotment for programs to meet critical operational costs until permanent allotments are available. Following are key points to be considered in the Temporary work program preparation process:





Temporary work programs for off line agencies contain an allotment for the first quarter in the amount of 25% of the final approved amount for fiscal year 2013-14.  The assigned budget analyst will send a report to each off line agency with the details.  The authorized amount may be adjusted by the assigned budget analyst based upon department operational needs.





Work programs must be prepared on an encumbrance basis.  This means that in the preparation of work programs, agencies should request allotment for the quarters in which firm commitments to purchase will actually be made.  For example, in requesting the allotment of funds for the purchase of equipment or commodity items, request the allotment in the quarter the purchase order is expected to be issued and encumbered, rather than in the quarter in which the payment is expected to be made.  Allotment should not be requested in the basic work program to cover estimated encumbrances that may be brought forward at the end of June.


When distributing allotment in the 1st quarter, agencies need to also consider contracts that have been staged for encumbrance in fiscal year 2013-14.  Agencies should also consider whether or not staged contracts will need to be modified to reflect different accounts as a result of any actions taken in the budget.




When distributing the amounts in the work program agencies should not assume that the fiscal year 2012-13 unencumbered balance will be available to allot during the first quarter of fiscal year 2013-14.





The Temporary Work Program will not include a revenue component.




The Temporary work program has been entered with one object code in the Personal Services line category, one object code in the All Other Line category and one object code in the Capital Expenditures line category as applicable. Agencies should make entries in the first quarter only for the Temporary work program at this summary level.  There will be an opportunity to enter the entire object code detail with the release of the traditional work program. The release of the traditional work program will be timed so that any budget to actual reporting for the month of July results can be accomplished.




The Temporary Work Program will not include transfer components.




cc:  Sawin Millet      

Office of Fiscal and Program Review