Find Broadband Options

To find out what providers supply what types of broadband service to your address, enter your street address in the box on the upper right of the Broadband Availability Application page.

To view a PDF map of all service offered in your town or community, visit the ConnectME Authority Map Gallery page, and choose the town nearest you. Find the map key at the bottom once the PDF page has opened. The color of a street or road denotes available service. Unserved areas are designated by red lines on most maps.

To test the upload and download speeds of your existing connection, use the Speed Test. (Uploading is when you are sending information—file, image, email etc.—to a server that makes it available while downloading is information coming to you after you click on a link to, for example, a YouTube video or music file.)

Researchers, community development planners, students: Did you know that you can use the Static Map Gallery as a useful tool and even request custom maps tailored to your needs? For a grant proposal, for example, an urban planner might want to overlay a map of broadband access and average household income or home ownership. Explore the available maps here or request a custom map here.