Mail Rules

Residents are allowed to send and receive mail during their stay at the Long Creek Youth Development Center and will be encouraged to write family and friends, in order to strengthen relations with these people.  The following guidelines are to be followed. 

  1. Residents may write as many letters as they wish, as long as they have stamps. Family or friends may send stamps, or buy them at the Canteen. 
  2. Residents will receive two free stamps every Tuesday. 
  3. Long Creek Youth Development staff will check all incoming and outgoing mail for contraband*. 
  4. All checks and money orders will be removed from the mail and credited to the residents' Canteen accounts. No cash will be accepted. The Business Office will send a receipt for any money received. Stamps will be removed and forwarded to the resident's Juvenile Program Manager, who will save them for the resident's use. 
  5. Staff will not read privileged mail, but residents must open it in their presence.    (Privileged mail means mail received from the Department of Corrections, attorneys, the courts, or elected officials.)
  6. Residents may not order anything. 
  7. Residents are not allowed to send or receive mail to or from anyone in a correctional facility, unless the person is an immediate family member.  Immediate family is mother, father, sister, brother, husband, or wife. The ability to send or receive mail may be restricted by the correctional facility where the family member is in residence. 
  8. The mailing address here is:
    Long Creek Youth Development Center
    675 Westbrook Street
    South Portland ME 04106

* Any contraband found in the mail will be removed and will become  property of the state.