Most Common Applications

Documents are provided in PDF and Microsoft Word formats. To view PDF documents, you will need the free Adober Reader. To view MS Word documents, you will need Microsoft Word or the free Word Viewer.

Application Form Name Description Download File
Building Permit Used to apply for a LUPC permit approval for all residential development Building Permit PDF
Building Permit Amendment Form Used to amend an existing building permit for residential development Building Permit Amendment Form PDF
Building Permit Brassua Concept Plan, Expedited Used for residential development within the Brassua Lake Concept Plan Building Permit Brassua Concept Plan, Expedited PDF
Non-Residential Development Used to apply for a permit for non-residential structures and uses, as well as non-residential development (including commercial, industrial, public and institutional development, and major home occupations) Non-Residential Development Application PDF
Minor Change Request Used to request a minor change related to a permit previously issued by the LUPC Minor Change Request Form PDF
Road Construction Application Used to apply for a LUPC permit for construction or reconstruction of a road, certain driveways or certain trails
Road Construction Permit PDF
S2 - Non-residential Development Used for applications for non-residential development, to be submitted along with the Application for Residential and Non-Residential Development S2 - Non-residential Development Form
S4 - Floodplain Development Used to supplement other LUPC permit application forms where the proposed development would be located within flood prone areas S4 - Requirements for Development in Flood Prone Areas
Self Certification Used to certify that construction activities have been completed in conformance with LUPC permit approval Self Certification Form PDF
Shoreland Alteration, Expedited Used for rock and dock reconstruction, shoreline stabilization, water intake pipe or dry hydrants, amending or requesting a time extension of a previously issued Expedited Shoreland Alteration permit. Shoreland Alteration, Expedited PDF
Shoreland Alteration Used to apply for LUPC approval for certain shoreland alterations. Note that an Expedited Shoreland Alteration form may apply; contact a LUPC representative should you have any questions as to which form you should use Shoreland Alteration Application PDF
Zoning Petition Application Used for anyone seeking to change the existing land use district or district boundary (zoning) to a differenct land use district or district boundary on any parcel of land within the jurisdiction of the LUPC Zoning Petition Application (PDF)