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BP-15274 Rockwood Strip Twp. T1R1 NBKP John Breggia Accessory structure - A 9/22/2014
Wolfertz, Ted - SO Moosehead Lake #6 residential
BP-15275 Prentiss Twp. - PE Gary Sibley Addition/Expansion, After the A 9/25/2014
Russell, Marc Lillian Sibley Fact Staff
BP-15276 Dallas Plt. - FR Eric Hiltebeitel Residential dwelling - single- A 9/22/2014
Brusila, Sara Loon Lake Jennifer Hiltebeitel family, Foundation - Staff
BP-15277 Prentiss Twp. - PE Floyd D Pickard Residential dwelling - single- A 9/23/2014
Kaczowski, Debra Linda H Pickard family, Subsurface waste Staff

water disposal system, Other
BP-15278 Grand Lake Stream Plt. - WA George W Wharton Residential dwelling - single- A 9/25/2014
Kaczowski, Debra family
BP-15280 The Forks Plt. - SO Brian Coulstring Reconstruction, Residential A 9/25/2014
Wolfertz, Ted dwelling - single-family
BP-15282 T 1 R 9 WELS - PI John A Doe Residential dwelling - single- A 9/25/2014
Kaczowski, Debra Ambajejus Lake Sharon L Doe family, Accessory structure -

residential, Other
BP-2874-A T16 R 5 WELS - AR Jacob Guimond Accessory structure - A 9/3/2014
Emery, Patrick Square Lake Margaret Guimond residential, Residential Staff

dwelling - single-family,

Subsurface waste water

disposal system
BP-3066-B Indian Purchase #4 Twp. - PE Turkeytail Road Land After the Fact, Accessory A 9/22/2014
Kaczowski, Debra South Twin Lake Trust structure - residential
BP-4490-C Dallas Plt. - FR George D Crosson Accessory structure - A 9/29/2014
Brusila, Sara Deborah Crosson residential, Foundation - Staff

BP-5326-A Freeman Twp. - FR Seth J Kilbreth Accessory structure - A 9/11/2014
Brusila, Sara residential, Transfer of Staff

BP-6151-B Beaver Cove - PI Winthrop R Scudder Accessory structure - A 9/26/2014
Smith, Keith Moosehead Lake #2 residential, Staff

Addition/Expansion, After the

Fact, Shoreland alteration
BP-6238-B Dallas Plt. - FR Robert E Stevens Residential dwelling - single- A 9/26/2014
Brusila, Sara Kathleen E Sullivan family, Reconstruction Staff
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