Shore and Harbor Planning Grants


Melissa Anson, Coastal Planner
Phone: 207-592-5689

May 5, 2014

Maine Coastal Program is currently seeking applications for a new round of coastal grants for FY 2015. Shore and Harbor Planning Grants support municipal and regional projects in Maine’s Coastal Zone. Proposals are due on Tuesday, July 1st.

Read the full program statement for more information about the Shore and Harbor Planning Grant Program, as well as the Coastal Communities Grant which is also administered by the Maine Coastal Program, through the Municipal Planning Assistance Program.

Program Goals

Shore and Harbor Technical Assistance Grants, administered by the Maine Coastal Program, promote: sound waterfront planning and harbor management, balanced development of shore and harbor areas, advance planning for waterfront infrastructure improvements and access to the shore. Funds may be used for development of plans for waterfront, harbor and mooring areas, development of regulatory and non-regulatory approaches to waterfront conservation and improvement, development of planning studies for public and working access, development of plans and designs for harbor improvements, and development of management plans for municipal waterfront facilities.

Potential Funding Activities

  1. Harbor Planning (especially to implement recommendations consistent with comprehensive plans), including – Development of Harbor Management Plans, creation of Harbor Ordinances, preparation of Mooring Plans, with attendant data bases and mapping support, data collection, mapping, data base development, and analysis activities needed to support harbor planning activities, harbor traffic control and safety planning.  Please include text and specific examples of how this project is in line with the municipality’s approved comprehensive plan, if applicable. 
  2. Planning and Design Projects for Harbor Improvements – Planning that integrates public access with waterfront development to preserve unique natural, cultural, and village assets that contributes to sustainable development and tourism infrastructure.  Planning and design of facilities and improvements for public and working access, dredging studies (non-federal, and for federal match), support for research and demonstration of new materials and techniques for ramps, piers and wharfs, floats, and moorings.
  3. Municipal Facilities Management Plans – Management and business plans for operations of municipal fishing piers, marinas, and water access sites and facilities, development of related rules and ordinances, creation of model or standardized lease arrangements for municipal use.
  4. Working Waterfront Planning and Improvement Projects – Project planning and development support for projects seeking funding from the Working Waterfront Access Protection Program.
  5. Right of Way Rediscovery Projects – Project research support to help communities find and assert public rights-of-way to the shore. They enable recreational users, commercial fishing and other marine industries to continue as a viable component of Maine’s economy. Funding provided under this category can only be used for deed and legal research. It cannot be used to provide for survey or permitting services.

Oversight and Eligibility

Maine Coastal Program, Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry.  All Coastal Municipalities are eligible to apply for a Shore and Harbor Planning Grant.


This program has been in continuous operation since 2000.