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History of Maine’s Fall Foliage Reports

Reporting fall foliage conditions in Maine was the brainchild of Forestry Commissioner Austin Wilkins, who in 1959 had Maine Forest Service Rangers report the amount of color change and leaf drop weekly. These five weekly reports that started in mid-September and ended mid-October were radioed to forestry headquarters in Augusta, and then mailed or phoned to local reporters.

In 1996, the Department of Conservation posted the foliage reports on the Internet, distinguishing Maine as the first state to post weekly conditions on the web.

In 1997, Maine was first again by posting fall foliage pictures sent in from Maine Forest Service and Park Rangers that documented current color conditions throughout the state. The Web site contained a color-coded regional map, indicating the foliage progression.

Today, Maine’s site reaches a worldwide audience and provides current foliage condition reports, a section of frequently asked questions, facts about Maine’s 17 million acres of forestland, and links to a variety of tourism and forestry partners.

Maine Forest Service: "We help you make informed decisions about Maine's forests"

The Maine Forest Service was established in 1891 to ensure for Maine’s citizens the greatest economic and social benefits from trees and forestlands of the State.

In 1973 the Maine Forest Service became a bureau within the Department of Conservation and is composed of three divisions: Forest Policy & Management, Forest Protection, and Forest Health & Monitoring.

The key to Maine's past, present, and future quality of life and economic prosperity for its citizens is permanently linked to the condition of the State's forest resources. The Maine Forest Service works to ensure that the trees and forestlands of Maine will continue to provide benefits for present and future generations of Maine people.

The Maine Forest Service does this by:

  • Developing, advocating for, and promoting activities that encourage the sound long-term management of the forest resources.
  • Protecting the forest resource from the effects of fire, insects, disease and misuse.
  • And providing accurate, relevant, and timely information about the forest resource.

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