Planning for Your Woodlands

Stream and Woods

The process of woodland planning accomplishes several results. Woodland owners take the opportunity to work with a natural resource professional, establishing a relationship which ideally continues through implementation of the activities recommended in the plan and into the future. Woodland owners receive useful information about the current state of their woodlands, along with a schedule of activities for maintaining and improving the value, health and enjoyment of the property. Landowners who develop these plans will be ready to apply for other incentive programs in the future. Landowners who become more engaged in their woodlands now are better able to keep their land as forest for future generations. All of this has a positive impact on water quality in the Presumpscot Watershed.

The WoodsWISE Incentives program currently offers cost-share assistance for forest management planning known as  Woodland Resource Action Plans (WRAP). A WRAP will provide a good description of the current and potential values of your woodland, and a schedule of activities to help reach your objectives. It will also explain how you can protect and enhance water quality while enjoying and improving your woods.

Click here for a WRAP Application Form. Click here for a list of private, licensed Stewardship Foresters (pdf) eligible to prepare a WRAP for your woodland.

For more information, contact the Maine Forest Service’s Landowner Outreach Forester at (207) 287-8430, or your local Maine Forest Service District Forester.