cover of ground water handbook

An Introduction to
Ground Water Hydrology


W. Bradford Caswell, Ph.D.

originally published in 1987
as Chapters 1 and 2 of the
Ground Water Handbook for the State of Maine
Maine Geological Survey

Online Edition, 2009

Table of Contents


Section 1 - General geology of Maine's ground water sources

Section 2 - General ground water principles

Section 3 - More practical aspects of ground water hydrology

Section 4 - Maine's Water Situation

  • Relative use of ground and surface waters for domestic supplies
  • Infiltration of precipitation
  • Total ground water in storage and annual recharge
  • Ground water available in surficial and bedrock aquifers
  • Necessary well depths
  • Ground water quality

Section 5 - Locating potable water supplies

  • Individual domestic wells
  • Community wells
  • Municipal, industrial, and commercial wells

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