Maine Water Resources Planning Committee

The Maine Water Resources Planning Committee (WRPC) was established by the 123rd Legislature, 1st Session in May 2007. This step came after many years of referenda on water issues, a 1½ -year-long stakeholder process to review regulations governing groundwater withdrawals, and several controversial groundwater bills in the 1st Session. The establishment and responsibilities of this Committee were part of comprehensive legislative actions to address specific water issues in Maine negotiated with members of the Legislature's Natural Resources Committee and a stakeholder group. The overarching charge to the WRPC is to plan for sustainable use of water resources.

The WRPC draws its membership from state agency groundwater professionals, water utilities, agricultural water users, the bottled water industry, other commercial water users, private well drillers, and a water advocacy organization.


Simulation of Groundwater Conditions and Streamflow Depletion to Evaluate Water Availability in a Freeport, Maine, Watershed, USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2011-5227.

Water Resources Planning Committee Annual Report 2010 to the Land and Water Resources Council (pdf format, 541 Kb)

Water Resources Planning Committee and Citizen Trade Policy Commission February 2010 report: "The potential impact of international trade agreements on ground water withdrawal regulations" (pdf format, 211 kb)

Water Resources Planning Committee Annual Report 2009 and Water Use Report 2008 (pdf format, 1.5 Mb)

Annual Report of the Maine Water Resources Planning Committee, September 2008 (pdf format, 566 kb)


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