Landslide Inventory Questionnaire

Although small landslides are common in Maine, there are very few reliable records of their occurrence. Your assistance is requested to help the Maine Geological Survey compile a list of recent Maine landslides (1987 to present). This data will be used to update the inventory of Maine landslides, that may be used by state, county, and local officials, consultants, and utilities to assist them in planning, regional landslide analysis, and hazard mitigation planning. Please complete this questionnaire if you are aware of any slide locations in your area. We are looking for information on landslides of any type or size. The primary information needed is an accurate location and description of the slide. Any other information you can provide would be appreciated. If we need further information on the slide, we will perform a site visit to the landslide locality. Please pass this form (Landslide Questionnaire - pdf version) or the website address to anyone else you think may have information on landslides in their area.

Questions?? Please contact the Maine Geological Survey (MGS) at:

Maine Geological Survey
93 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333
(207) 287-2801
Fax: (207) 287-2353


For detailed descriptions of landslide types see U. S. Geological Survey Landslide Types and Processes.

A. Required Information

Location of landslide (include as much information as you know):

Delorme Location (e.g., Map 12, E2):

GPS (Global Positioning System) Coordinates:

   UTM system:

   Latitude/Longitude System:

Description of landslide (describe the landslide as carefully as you can):

Damage/loss caused by slide (give best estimate of dollar value of loss and/or cost of remediation):

Type of Slide

Please check the appropriate box or boxes:

rotational, transitional, block slide
A. Rotational Slide        B. Translational slide        C. Block Slide

rockfall, topple, debris flow
D. Rockfall                      E. Topple                            F. Debris Flow

debris avalanche, earthflow, creep
G. Debris Avalanche        H. Earthflow                      I. Creep

lateral spread
J. Lateral Spread                K. Combination               L. Unknown

Type of Surface Material:

Soil     Rock     Clay    

Optional Information

Name, address, phone, email of person completing this questionnaire

Additional Information/Comments:

Last updated on September 24, 2012