Mining Sites

The Maine DEP GIS Unit is now offering selected data to the public via Google Earth.  This interactive map for mine sites contains the locations of mine sites licensed by the department, sand & gravel aquifer layers, inland wading bird & waterfowl habitat, public water supply buffers, town lines and topographic maps. You will need to have Google Earth and/or the Google Earth Plugin installed to view this data.  For help using Google Earth goto the Help Center.

The data may take a few seconds to load depending on your connection speed

Select the data layers you want to see:

Source Water Protection Areas:

Sand and Gravel 200 day
Sand and Gravel 2500 day
Bedrock Moderate Probability
Bedrock High Probability


10-50 gallons per minute
50+ gallons per minute

Please use the zoom and pan tools

embedded in the map to navigate to

to a mining site of interest.

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Download Mining Sites Data File


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In order to view the map you will need to get the Google Earth Plugin. Get help with Google Earth navigation.

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