The Division of Remediation Sites List Descriptions and Database

Purpose : The Sites List Database is the public record of information regarding properties that have been, are now, or are planned to be addressed by the Division of Remediation of the Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management. This database is not intended to be a comprehensive, all-inclusive source of information regarding the properties listed therein.

Origin Of Data : The information presented in this database was obtained from Department records and programs associated with these projects, including the Voluntary Response Action Program, the Brownfields Program, the Landfill Closure Program, the Federal Facilities Program, the Superfund Program, the Uncontrolled Sites Program, and official project documents.

Explanation Of Terms : The following terms as used in this database are defined for clarification.

Status - Operation & Maintenance : Long term regularly scheduled activities (for example: long term monitoring) following remediation.

Status - Investigation Needed : Either no investigation has yet begun, or further evaluation is required.

Status - Remediation Needed : Either remediation has not yet begun, or further corrective actions are required.

Status Remediation Underway : Remediation is in progress.

Status - Unknown : Insufficient data is available to make a determination.

Status No Further Action Required : No further investigative or corrective actions are planned unless substantial new information regarding additional contamination is submitted to the DEP.

Status In Review : Staff is currently reviewing information related to ultimate resolution of issues at the site.

Status Referred to Other Programs : The site has been referred to another program in the Department for action.

Site : This is a number assigned to the site and assists the database in retrieving information; however, if you wish to request a file from the file room, use the Site Name and not this number.

IC : Institutional Controls are legally enforceable site use restrictions recorded on the property deed and therefore operate in perpetuity regardless of change in site ownership.

True : ICs have been applied to the property

False : ICs have not been applied to the property

Unknown : Either insufficient data is available to make a determination, or ICs are pending but not yet applied to the property.

Contacts : For questions about particular sites on the list, please call the contact person listed below for each program:

Voluntary Response Action Program (VRAP) : Nick Hodgkins: (207) 287-4854.

Brownfields Program : Nick Hodgkins: (207) 287-4854.

Federal Facilities & Superfund Program : David Wright: (207) 446-4366.

Uncontrolled Sites Program : Brian Beneski: (207) 287-4858.

Landfill Closure Program : Brian Beneski: (207) 287-4858.

The Division of Remediation Sites Lists Database - This list represents the public record of past and current sites located in Maine that are in the Voluntary Response Action Program, the Brownfields Program, the Landfill Closure Program, the Federal Facilities Program, the Superfund Program, and/or the Uncontrolled Sites Program. Sites are listed alphabetically by the municipality they are located in, and the database includes information regarding location, status, and if the property has institutional controls.

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