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A Lean Toolbox – Using Lean Principles and Techniques in Healthcare. Thomas G. Zidel. 2006. p.7   Adobe PDF External site disclaimer*  
Charting Maine's Future: An Action Plan for Promoting Sustainable Prosperity and Quality Places. The Brookings Institution. 2006. HTML External site disclaimer    
CIO Magazine - Efficient IT Shops: Two Trends Foreseen HTML Adobe PDF* Microsoft Word*
Continuous Improvements Practitioners   Adobe PDF* Microsoft Word*
Decoding the DNA of the Toyota Production System   Adobe PDF*  
Doing What Works: Capital Ideas - How to Generate Innovation in the Public Sector   Adobe PDF*  
Doing What Works: Scaling New Heights - How to Spot Small Successes in the Public Sector and Make Them Big   Adobe PDF*  
Elegant Solutions   Adobe PDF* Plain Text*
Keith Ellis. IAG Consulting - Getting Business Requirements Right   Adobe PDF*  
Importance of Bend the Curve   Adobe PDF* Microsoft Word*
Improving Service Delivery in Government with Lean Six Sigma   Adobe PDF*  
Ken Miller’s Innovation columns in Governing Magazine. HTML External site disclaimer    
Lean Thinking for the NHS, UK   Adobe PDF* Microsoft Word*
Modular kaizen: Dealing With Disruptions. Ron BialekGrace L. Duffy, and John W. (Jack) Moran. Public Health Foundation. March 2011. HTML External site disclaimer    
My Life and Work. Henry Ford HTML External site disclaimer Adobe PDF* Microsoft Word*

Next Stage in Brookings Reform Not Easy.   John Porter.  Editorial.  Maine Sunday Telegram  5/11/2008

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On Creating Public Value

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Oregon: Transformation Initiative   Adobe PDF External site disclaimer*  
PHII : Taking Care of Business   Adobe PDF*  
PHII : Intro to Business Process Analysis Graphical Modeling   Adobe PDF*  
Project Management: Claptrap or Messy Work HTML Adobe PDF* Microsoft Word*
Stephen Goldsmith: Improving Government Practices without Breaking the Bank HTML External site disclaimer    
The Impartial Public Servant   Adobe PDF* Microsoft Word*
The Public Innovator’s Playbook: Nurturing Bold Ideas in Government   Adobe PDF*  
The Principles of Scientific Management by Frederick Winslow Taylor, M.E., Sc.D. (1911)   Adobe PDF* Microsoft Word*
The Viable System Model - Introduction   Adobe PDF*  
The Viable System Model   Adobe PDF*  
Toyota Production system applied to semiconductor fabs will transform the business. 5/1/08 HTML External site disclaimer    
Untangling the Red Tape: A retired executive works to streamline Oregon’s Department of Human Services. by Lily Raff. The Bulletin. 08-07.   Adobe PDF*  
VM Med Center – Distorted Payment System Undermines Business Case for Health Quality and Efficiency Gains   Adobe PDF* Microsoft Word *
VM Med Center – Maximizing Hospital Outcomes with Tips from Toyota: Using Less to Do More
  Adobe PDF* Microsoft Word *
VM Med Center – Redesigning Care Delivery in Response to a High-Performance Network   Adobe PDF* Microsoft Word *
VM Med Center – Toyota-style management drives Virginia Mason HTML Adobe PDF* Microsoft Word*
Why do good employees leave? –or- How VSM Principles can help retain an organization’s greatest asset HTML Adobe PDF* Microsoft Word *
Why the Management of Innovation May Be an Oxymoron
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