Environmental & Occupational Health Programs (EOHP)

About Us

Our mission is to protect and enhance public health by objective, scientific evaluation of health risks for chemical and radiological exposure.  We develop and provide health risk analyses to inform public and regulatory decision making. Statutory authority: 22 MRSA CHPT 271 section 1691 to 1695 External site disclaimer.

Topics we work on include:

  • Lead poisoning
  • Private well water safety
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Healthy fish eating guidelines
  • Heat-related illness

We operate a toxicology consultation phone service for Maine residents. 866-292-3474 (toll-free in Maine) or 207-287-4311

We also run the Maine Tracking Network, an online, interactive public health data portal.

Mailing Address:

286 Water Street, 3rd Floor
State House Station 11
Augusta, ME 04333

Staff Contact Information

Staff Title Phone
Andrew Smith, SM, ScD State Toxicologist, Director EOHP 207-287-5189
Karyn Butts, MPH Health Communication Specialist 207-287-6650
Kathy Decker, MPH Epidemiologist 207-287-3218
Cynthia Flick Office Associate II 207-287-4311
Eric Frohmberg, MA Manager, HHLPPP 207-287-8141
Belinda Golden Planning and Research Associate I 207-287-7295
Susan Lee, RN Public Health Nurse 207-287-8671
Rebecca Lincoln, ScD Toxicologist 207-287-6445
Lisa Parker Systems Analyst 207-287-3225
Chris Paulu, ScD Environmental Epidemiologist 207-287-9932
Tom Simones, PhD Toxicologist 207-287-3365
Tom Streznewski Systems Analyst 207-287-8405
Pamela Wadman, MS Toxicologist 207-287-3223
Leslie Walleigh, MD, MPH Public Health Physician 207-287-3222