Drinking Water Program

"Working Together for Safe Drinking Water"

Pictures of a water tower, a little girl drinking from a fountatin, a drilled well head, and a peaceful alek.

Safe drinking water is essential to maintaining good human health. Maine citizens and visitors enjoy access to excellent quality drinking water from many lakes, rivers and underground aquifers. More than 2,200 public water systems provide drinking water to over half of Maine's population and many guests.

The State of Maine Drinking Water Program helps public water systems comply with the federal Safe Drinking Water Act and state regulations, provides technical assistance, works with systems to protect source water areas and provides grants or loans funds for infrastructure improvements.

The Program staff includes engineers, geologists, chemists, environmental and legal specialists and other dedicated professionals. As a result, there is a range of expertise available to the regulated community and the general public.

To contact the Drinking Water Program during regular working hours (8-5, M-F) please call (207) 287-2070. In the event of a public water system emergency after normal business hours, please call the Maine Drinking Water Program emergency number (207) 557-4214.”

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