Infectious Disease Epidemiology Program

Tuberculosis Control Program - About us

The Tuberculosis Control Program provides surveillance of TB disease throughout the State.  Referrals for newly suspected or diagnosed TB disease cases are taken by the program director.

Consultation regarding the diagnosis and treatment of TB disease as well as TB infection is provided.  Medical consultation is available from the nine (09) TB Consultants located throughout the state.

The Consultants are private, board certified pulmonologists or infectious disease physicians who have a contractual arrangement with the TB Control Program. 

Medication for the treatment of TB disease and TB infection is paid for by the Program.  Ongoing case management is done by the State Public Health Nurses.

TB Clinics, staffed by the TB Consultants and Public Health Nurses, are available for the diagnosis and treatment of TB disease.  Contacts of infectious TB cases as well as the officially arriving refugees are served by Public Health Nurses and the TB Clinics.

TB Skin Test training workshops are provided by the Public Health Nurses.  The TB Control program pays for all TB testing done by the State Health & Environmental Testing lab.

Disease Reporting and Consultation 24/7 at 1-800-821-5821

TB Preventive Treatment Referral:
Telephone Number: 1-800-821-5821