Children's Behavioral Health

Respite Care Services

What is Respite care?

Respite care offers temporary, planned relief from the responsibility of constant care giving. Respite care allows parents and caregivers the time to go shopping, take a walk, go to a school concert or ball game, attend a meeting or have a relaxing weekend.

Who is Eligible?

  • A child from birth to age 18 who has significant delays (6 months or greater) in two or more areas of development, or
  • A child with a documented emotional or behavioral diagnosis, or
  • A child, age 0-5 who is considered "at-risk" and is receiving case management services.

Changes for July 2012

A Request for Proposal was recently required for Respite Services and NAMI Maine was awarded the contract.  Because of a short time frame for having services transitioned, there may be delays in obtaining Respite Services.

Due to Department of Labor decisions, individual providers of respite will be considered employees of NAMI Maine and they are accepting applications for employment from anyone interested in providing respite to families.

Information for Families: 

  • Eligibility for Respite: Families with a child who is birth to eighteen years of age and has documentation of significant delays (6 months or greater) in two or more areas of development, or a documented emotional and/or behavioral disability.
  • There may be interruptions in respite service delivery between July and September 2012 due to the transition.
  • If there are individuals who provide respite to your family, you may speak with them about their interest in becoming employed as a respite provider.
  • NAMI Maine will consider applications from individual providers and decide whether to employ them.
  • Individuals who provide respite to families will have to become certified or have other comparable credentials.
  • Because of the costs of running the program with employees, there may be reductions in the numbers of hours of services.
  • Respite providers are not allowed to provide group respite for multiple children from different families.

Information for Individual Respite Providers:

  • Individuals will have to become employees of NAMI Maine in order to be reimbursed.  Hourly reimbursement to individual providers will be $9.00 per hour for Level 1 and $11.00 for Level 2.
  • Certification or comparable credentialing will be required, such as a Behavioral Health Professional Certification, or an independent license to provide services, such as an LCSW or LCPC.
  • Supervision through the organization will be required at least every three months.

Contact information

Families and direct service providers may contact NAMI Maine directly and ask for information about Children's Respite Services. 

NAMI Maine
1 Bangor Street
Augusta, ME 04330
tel: 1.800.464.5767