Children's Behavioral Health - Forms

Forms and instructions for accessing Children’s Behavioral Health Services:  MaineCare RCS (Rehabilitative and Community Support Services);
MaineCare  HCT(Children’s Home and Community Based Treatment)


Application to Become a CBHS Contracted Service Provider

CBH Provider Website Update Form

Contracted Provider Critical Incident Reporting

EIS Staff Update Form

Individual Planning Funding Application

OCFS has recognized an unanticipated need for greater guidance and policy making regarding the use of IPF for therapeutic riding. As a result, the addition of therapeutic riding to the list of reimbursable items is suspended at this time.


Home and Community Based Treatment HCT

Intensive Temporary Residential Treatment


  • Training record (Word* | also in PDF*)

Release Information

  • Authorization to Release Information (Word* | also in PDF*)

Rehabilitative and Community Support Services for Children with Cognitive Impairments and Functional Limitations (RCS 28)

Targeted Case Management