Children's Behavioral Health Services

  • MaineCare Benefits Manual External site disclaimer
    • Case Management - Section 13 External site disclaimer (Microsoft Word*)
    • Home and Community Based Waiver Services - Section 21 External site disclaimer(Microsoft Word*)
    • Children's Habilitation Services - Section 28 External site disclaimer(Microsoft Word*)
    • Mental Health Services - Section 65 External site disclaimer(Microsoft Word*)
  • Statute - 34B External site disclaimer - rules govern the provision of mental health services in the State of Maine for children.
  • Child Services - 34B Chapter 15 External site disclaimer - (scroll to Chapter 15) identify children with mental health needs and to improve the provision of mental health care to children and supportive services to their families
  • Children's Block Grant FY05  ( Microsoft Word*) (Adobe PDF*) - Children’s Mental Health Program of the DHHS expends CMHS Block Grant funds through contracts to community nonprofit service provider agencies.

Child Welfare

Early Childhood




  • Draft Community Services Block Grant Plan and Application FY 2014-2015 (MS Word*)
  • OCFS Strategic Plan - 2007 (MS Word*) (Adobe PDF*)
  • Social Service Block Grant Program Plan (Adobe PDF*)
  • Community Services Block Grant Program Plan and Application (Adobe PDF*)
  • Title IV-E State Plan (MS Word*) (Adobe PDF*)

Proposed Rules

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