Office of Multicultural Affairs

The primary role of the Office of Multicultural Affairs is to function as a resource to all state agencies and to all communities served to improve services to minority and multicultural populations in the state of Maine.

New and Noteworthy
  • Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) Fiscal Year 2015 Solicitations now available
    • The Office on Violence Against Women is pleased to announce that the following Fiscal Year 2015 Solicitations are now available: • Justice for Families Grant Program - February 11, 2015 • Grants to Enhance Culturally Specific Services for Victims of Sexual Assault - February 19, 2015 • Training and Services to End Violence Against and Abuse of Women with Disabilities Program - February 19, 2015 • Coordinated Tribal Assistance - February 24, 2015 • Sexual Assault Services Culturally Specific Grant Program - February 24, 2014 • Transitional Housing Assistance Grants for Victims of Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, and Stalking - February 24, 2015 • Tribal Sexual Assault Services Program - February 24, 2015 • Rural Grant Program - March 4, 2015 • Legal Assistance for Victims Grant - March 11, 2015 Please be sure to register on by the registration deadline. It is strongly encouraged that applicants begin the registration process well in advance of the deadline. For more information on the process of registering with, please see the Reference Guide at OVW Resource Guidebook. A current list of open solicitations can also be found at: <a href=""></a> Learn more
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  • For Refugees From Warmer Lands, Blizzard Hits Hard
    • Of the blizzard-impacted New England states, Maine boasts the largest percentage of its foreign born population from Southeast Asian countries - around 9,000 according to the Migration Policy Institute.But the blizzard of '15 seems to have impacted Maine's more recent newcomers from Africa, who, like Southeast Asians, hail from much warmer lands.  Read more
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  • Global refugee figures highest since WW2, UN says
    • The number of people living as refugees from war or persecution exceeded 50 million in 2013, for the first time since World War Two, the UN says. The overall figure of 51.2 million is six million higher than the year before, a report by the UN refugee agency says. Antonio Guterres, head of the UNHCR, told the BBC the rise was a "dramatic challenge" for aid organisations. Conflicts in Syria, central Africa and South Sudan fuelled the sharp increase. "Conflicts are multiplying, more and more," Mr Guterres said. "And at the same time old conflicts seem never to die." Of particular concern are the estimated 6.3 million people who have been refugees for years, sometimes even decades.  Learn more
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