Sensory Room

What is a Multi-Sensory Room?

It is a room dedicated to blocking out noise, control space, temperature, and lighting. It is an artificially created atmosphere that brings together multi-sensory equipment in one place to stimulate the senses. This multi-sensory experience promotes pleasure and  feelings of well-being and can be utilized as part of the individual treatment experience. It is Controlled Sensory Input (CSI), especially designed to promote choice and interaction, through planned and carefully modulated sensory stimulation. It relieves stress, anxiety and pain. Multisensory rooms have been shown to help people with autism, brain injury, challenging behaviors, dementia, developmental disabilities, mental illness, palliative care, pre and post surgery, PTSD, special education and of course wellness. Multisensory rooms work by maximizing a person’s potential to focus and then to act on this change through an adaptive response to their environment. An adaptive response is defined as the individual initiating and reacting in a meaningful, productive way to situations, things and people in their environment. 


Take a trip around the world and listen to soothing music curtosey of the wide screen TV and the digital sound system.


Turn off the sound system and add the lighted bubble tubes for a more peaceful experience.


Add a starry night image to the wall or ceiling for greater tranquility.


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