Ethical Decision Making Roundtable for Social Workers

Kate Carnes

Intended Audience: For DHHS staff who must take Social Work Ethics to maintain their license. 

Credit: 4 CEU's


Please note this protocol will begin with the 2008-2009 training cycle. The decision making model used is that developed by the Institute for Global Ethics. The instructor, Kate Carnes, is certified through them. This is a model many of the social workers for the Department of Health and Human Services have been exposed to in prior rounds of Ethics training. Licensed Social Workers (not holding conditional licenses) are required to take 4 hours of social work ethics training within every two year cycle.
For more specific information please contact the Board of Licensure for Social Workers at the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. The web address for the Board is:
On the right hand bar, if you click on Laws & Rules you will find the information you need to make sure you are in compliance with the continuing education requirements.

Other contact information is:
Telephone and fax
Telephone: 207-624-8603
TTY for hearing impaired: 888-577-6690
Fax: 207-624-8637

The procedure for requesting this program is as follows:
  1. The request for Ethical Decision Making will need to be generated by a manager or supervisor in the program area. This person will be responsible for submitting a list of attendees so material may be emailed. The request needs to be emailed to Kate Carnes, Director of Staff Education and Training, no later than 6 weeks prior to when you wish the training to begin. The group requesting the training will also be responsible for arranging appropriate space.
  2. The minimum number of attendees will be 15 and the maximum will be 25. The upper figure is negotiable.
  3. Once a date has been set, material will be sent via email that will need to be read before the training date. In addition, a series of case studies is included with this material. Each participant will be required to select one, apply the decision making model to it and submit back a written summary.  The summary of the decision will include how they applied the model to the case and how it relates to the section of the NASW code where the Ethical Standards are spelled out. A link to the NASW web site will be included so people can download the code.  If the material is not submitted back to the Director at least one week prior to the program, the person will be removed from the attendance list. The reading and case study should take approximately 2 hours to complete.
  4. On the day of the class, each participant is required to bring a dilemma (it does not have to be written) that relates to the work they perform.  In small groups they will be sharing those dilemmas and selecting one to put through the decision making model.  This will be a 2 hour class.  The total number of ceus awarded will be .4. This is the number needed for licensure.