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Casco Bay Navigation Safey Zones and Buoy-Free Areas

A working group of Casco Bay lobstermen, pilots, tug operators, USCG, Marine Patrol, DMR and others met in 2004 to make recommendations concerning hazards in navigable waters caused by deployment of lobster fishing gear. This group identified VESSEL SAFETY as their highest priority. 

A moving safety zone of 500' ahead, 200' aside, and 100’ astern has been established surrounding all commercial ships and tugs, both while underway and while anchoring in Casco Bay. 

Additionally, two buoy free areas (not trap free), including the centers and approaches of each federally designated Casco Bay anchorage, have been established.

Please see the chart - small, 123 kb JPG,
                                or large, 610 kb JPG,
                                or the printed coordinates

The moving Safety Zone will help the pilots, professional mariners and lobstermen share the waters within Casco Bay. Your safety and the safety of other commercial traffic within Casco Bay depends upon your active participation. If you need or wish to communicate with commercial traffic, they stand by on VHF channels 13 and 16. Regular security calls are given on channel 16 announcing all commercial traffic’s inbound and outbound intentions. 

Please contact your local Zone representative or your Marine Patrol Officer if you have any questions.