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Taunton Bay Advisory Group and Comprehensive Science-Based Management Plan

No-harvest areas for mussel dragging (2012 map in jpg format, 342 kb) — The eelgrass areas plotted on this map are where persistent eelgrass beds are found. Eelgrass is important habitat for many commercial and non-commercial marine species but its location varies from year to year. Harvesters are expected to cooperate in its protection by avoiding areas that contain eelgrass.  Link to Chapter 90, pages 2-3, text of mussel dragging restrictions in Taunton Bay - PDF file

The rest of this web page is intended to provide the public with information on the proceedings of the Taunton Bay Advisory Group, formed by the Commissioner of Marine Resources to advise on improved ways to manage Taunton Bay’s natural resources for the benefit of us all. The first meeting was held August 7th, 2007. Background material is contained in the legislative report.

The documents below are PDF files, and may require Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader software (download here free) to view or print.