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Marine Patrol Officers Honored for Heroism

Marine Patrol Officer Wes Dean   Marine Patrol Officer Chris Hilton  
Pictured above, Marine Patrol Officer Wesley Dean receives the Marine Patrol Lifesaving Award for performing the Heimlich maneuver on a child on Christmas Day 2013. Pictured with Officer Dean are Lieutenant Jay Carroll (left), Major Jon Cornish (2nd, left) and Colonel Joseph Fessenden (right)   Pictured above, Marine Patrol Officer Christopher Hilton receives the Marine Patrol Commendation Award for rescuing a man who fell into the water in the Harraseeket River in Freeport in December 2013. Pictured with Officer Hilton (left) Lieutenant Rene Cloutier, Major Jon Cornish (2nd, left) and Colonel Joseph Fessenden (right).  


Marine Patrol Officers Wesley Dean and Christopher Hilton were honored for heroic acts during the Marine Patrol’s Combined Division meeting on Thursday, March 27.

On Christmas Eve 2013, Officer Dean was off duty and traveling to a friend’s house in southern Maine with his wife. While driving on the Limerick Road in Arundel, Officer Dean came across a vehicle pulled to the side of the road and asked the woman standing next to the vehicle if she was alright.

The woman responded that her baby was choking.

Officer Dean’s wife called 911 while he offered to help. The woman immediately handed her 18 month old girl to him. Seeing the child was not breathing, he performed the Heimlich maneuver and the child began to slowly breathe on her own.

“Officer Dean’s intervention and quick response to this situation most certainly prevented a tragedy for this family and for his actions is awarded the Marine Patrol Life Saving Medal,” said Marine Patrol Major Jon Cornish in presenting Officer Dean his award.

On the morning of December 22, 2013, Marine Patrol Officer Christopher Hilton was patrolling the Harraseeket River in Freeport. The temperature was approximately 28 Degrees and a light freezing rain was falling. Officer Hilton pulled the boat alongside the Freeport Town Dock and observed a man approach the top of the ramp that went down to the Town Landing float.

The tide in the river had fallen substantially and the ramp was at a very steep angle. Officer Hilton saw the man take a few steps down the ramp and then start to slide uncontrollably and fall into the cold water of the Harraseeket River. Officer Hilton moved quickly over icy rocks toward the man and pulled him out of the water and up onto the dock. He then helped the man to his vehicle where was able to warm up.

“Officer Hilton’s fast thinking and decisive action most likely saved this man from serious injury or worse,” said Major Cornish. “For his actions, Officer Hilton is awarded the Marine Patrol Commendation Medal.”

Officer Dean is an 8 year veteran of the Maine Marine Patrol working in the Section 4 area of Belfast, Searsport and Isleboro. Officer Hilton has served 7 years with the Marine Patrol and currently works in the Section 2 area of Freeport and Harpswell.

The Marine Patrol is a Bureau of the Maine Department of Marine Resource that provides law enforcement, search and rescue, public health, maritime security, and public safety services on Maine’s coastal and tidal waters. More information about the Maine Marine Patrol can be found by clicking