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Volunteer Angler Logbook (VAL)

Briefly, this program targets avid striped bass fishermen as a means of collecting additional length data. Though we have increased the sample size of the MRIP, it still misses lengths and weights on sub-legal or released stripers because Maine’s striped bass fishery has length and bag limits. Coupled with the fact many anglers opt for catch and release, field interviewers actually see limited numbers of fish. The Volunteer Angler Logbook (VAL) program is quite simple. An angler records information about fish harvested or released during each trip for themselves and any fishing companions. Information about each trip is also recorded, including time spent fishing, area fished, number of anglers and target species. At the end of the season each angler mails his/her logbook to us, which we then copy and send back to the angler.


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