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DMR Home > Species Info > Herring > Fishery Management > Area 1A October 15, 2013

Notice to Atlantic Herring Fishery: Closure of Area 1A Directed Fishery in State and Federal Waters, Effective October 15, 2013

Notice to Atlantic Herring Fishery

NOAA Fisheries has estimated that 92% of the Area 1A quota has been harvested. Therefore, effective 00:01 October 15, 2013 it shall be unlawful to fish, take, or land Atlantic Herring taken from Management Area 1A. This restriction shall be in place until further notice.

Any Atlantic Herring caught or possessed by any vessel that were taken from Herring Management 1A must be landed by 0001 hours October 15 2013.


  • Any vessels may land or offload herring in the State of Maine as incidental catch as long as such herring do not comprise more than 10% of the total weight of the catch and do not exceed 2,000 lbs per trip per day.
  • Herring taken legally outside Area 1A may be transported through the area, only if all fishing gear has been stowed.

For more information, please contact your local Marine Patrol Division Headquarters (Div I 633-9595, Div II 667-3373), or your local Marine Patrol officer.

map of atlantic herring management areas

This page was posted October 15, 2013.