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lobsterDMR Lobster Research, Monitoring, and Assessment Program

Carl Wilson
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The Lobster Program is the longest running, on going, catch and effort study within the Department of Marine Resources. In addition to lobster landings statistics, this program has been collecting statistical information on the commercial and natural population of lobsters along the Maine coast for over 40 years. It is responsible for numerous studies pertaining to the lobster industry as well as some information on crabs.

The Lobster Program has four major sections - select each for more information, or scroll down the page:

The Commercial Lobster Port Sampling Program

This program, the collection of catch and effort data directly from lobstermen as they landed their catch, began in August 1966 and was suspended in 2012.

The Sea Sampling Program

This program began in 1985. The objective is to ride aboard individual lobster boats, at different locations along the coast, and record information as the lobsterman hauls his/her traps. The number of legal, sublegal and illegal lobsters are counted, measured and sexed.  See a full description of our Lobster Sea Sampling Program here.

The Biological Studies Program

Lobster Stock Assessment

Along with federal scientists and scientists from other states, Maine scientists participate in the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission's lobster assessment process.

Other Lobster Information