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Maine Stream Habitat Viewer Launched

July 24, 2013

The Maine Stream Connectivity Work Group and Maine Office of Geographic Information Systems recently announced the launch of the Maine Stream Habitat Viewer. This online tool displays fish habitat and other stream features important to Maine’s economy, ecology and way of life. It also displays locations of dams and public road crossings surveyed to determine if they’re likely to block to the movements of fish and stream-dependent wildlife. The Viewer provides a starting point for towns, private landowners, and others to learn more about stream habitats across the state. Convened by the State of Maine’s Coastal Program and Department of Marine Resources, the Maine Stream Connectivity Work Group is a partnership of over 25 state, federal, non-government, and industry organizations working to enhance Maine’s stream restoration efforts. If you’d like more information, contact Project Manager Slade Moore, of the Maine Coastal Program and Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment. For a link to the Stream Habitat Viewer, search for “stream habitat viewer home” in your internet browser or use the following link: