AMO Meeting Notice - May 22, 2012

1:00 - 5:00 PM; Burton Cross State Office Building, Room 103

Joint meeting with Interventions/Supports Group

Thank you all for agreeing to serve on one of the Working Groups that will help craft a new, more meaningful accountability system to comply with the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act.  You have been named to either the Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO) Working Group or the Interventions and Supports (I&S) Working Group.

The Working Groups will meet together for this first meeting, since the background briefings and discussions are the same, and the work of the 2 groups is interconnected.

Attached is an Agenda for the first Joint meeting of the 2 working groups. Youll also receive, later today or early tomorrow, materials and a list of web links to materials that you may want to review before the meeting.

We look forward to meeting you all and working together to develop a better accountability system for Maine schools.  If you have questions before Tuesday, please feel free to contact me or Mark Kostin (