AMO Meeting Agenda - July 2, 2012

8:00 AM - 12:00 PM; Burton Cross State Office Building, Room 103A

Outcomes - Goals for the meeting

  1. Continue to address the elements required in the new AMO system, and
  2. Determine specific next steps related to the AMO Group.


8:00 AM - Welcome, overview, and adjustments to the agenda

8:10 - Review of the group’s determinations to date

8:20 - Discussion and determination of responses to the following questions from the previous meeting. Where possible, use modeling from available school data to inform and support our discussion

  1. How shall growth be determined?
  2. How will each of the measures be combined to identify schools?
  3. Should the ‘n’ size currently being used be revised?
  4. Given that schools and subgroups will have different beginning targets, should there be an established threshold?

10:00 - Break

10:15 - Continue addressing the questions above

11:45 - Summary of remaining and/or additional questions to address along with specific needs to support the Workgroup’s efforts

12:00 PM - Closure: next steps and meeting schedule