MEEC Meeting Agenda - May 29, 2012

1:00 - 4:00 PM; Burton Cross State Office Building, Room 541

Outcomes - Goals for the meeting

  1. Review charge, membership, and scope of the work expected of the Maine Educator Effectiveness Council;
  2. Understand the criteria of the ESEA Flexibility application program, especially as it relates to Principle III and Educator Effectiveness;
  3. Develop initial list of guiding principles for a statewide educator effectiveness system and identify critical questions, resources, and activities that will support the work of the Council; and,
  4. Determine dates for future meetings


1:00 PM - Welcome, introductions, and overview of the agenda

1:10 - Review the charge of the Maine Educator Effectiveness Council and describe its relationship to the overall strategy for completing and submitting an ESEA Flexibility application

1:45 - Develop initial norms and decision-making processes for the group

2:00 - Brief overview of the ESEA Flexibility program and application with particular focus on Educator Effectiveness.

2:30 - Break

2:45 - Development of guiding principles supporting the design and implementation of a fair, rigorous, and meaningful system of evaluation and support. Enumerate preliminary list of activities, questions, and resources to support the Council’s work

3:45 - Determination of meeting schedule and next steps