MEEC Meeting Agenda - July 9, 2012

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM; Burton Cross State Office Building, Room 103A


  1. Clarify the roles of the facilitator and co-chairs;
  2. Review norms and determine the council’s policy for making decisions and for reporting recommendations;
  3. Review and discuss draft framework for organizing the work process;
  4. Discuss and determine the means by which the council is to “chunk” the work before it (workgroups, whole group discussion, etc.);
  5. Begin work on definitions of ‘teacher’ and ‘principal’;
  6. Determine a process or set of standards for determining the proper balance between local control and statewide uniformity;
  7. Determine dates for future meetings


9:00 AM?- Welcome, introductions, and overview of the agenda

9:05?- Briefing on progress of ESEA Flexibility Workgroups

9:15?- Briefing on NEA Representative Assembly

9:25?- Discussion on roles of facilitator and co-chairs

9:35?- Review draft of the council’s decision-making policy

9:45?- Review and discussion on “Decision Matrix” document

10:30?- Break

10:45?- Discussion on how the Council can best organize itself and its work

11:45?- Lunch

12:30 PM?- Discussion: Definition of ‘teacher’ and ‘principal’ for this work

1:30?- Discussion: Standards for determining the proper balance between statewide uniformity and local flexibility

2:30?- Determination of meeting schedule and next steps

2:45?- Comments from the public

3:00 - Closure