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General Assessment


Q: Where is the link for the NEO portal? Is the login info the same as my Measured Progress info? Who has login credentials to NEO? (posted 2/15/18)
A: The NEO Portal is run/managed by DOE and is completely separate from Measured Progress, so no the logins are not the same. Check with your district/school administrator to find out who has NEO login credentials.



Grades 3-8 eMPowerME


Q: What are the writing genres for the 2018 eMPowerME Essay?

A:  The essay genres are the same this year as they were last year:
•  Grade 3, Informational (W2)
•  Grade 4, Informational (W2)
•  Grade 5, Opinion (W1)
•  Grade 6, Argument (W1)
•  Grade 7, Informational (W2)
•  Grade 8, Argument (W1)

Q:  How many eMPowerME test sessions are there and what are the times for each session?

A:  Mathematics – Reading – Writing & Language - Essay 3/19/18 – 4/13/18
Testing Time Chart

  • Testing times DO NOT include 5-10 minutes for directions before each session.
  • Test Sessions must be completed in one day, and only within the allotted time limit. Even with extended time, if students do not finish a particular test session within a single day, they are NOT allowed to return to that test session on another day.

Q:  Do the eMPowerME test sessions need to be given in any particular order? (posted 2/15/18)
A:  No. The above chart is only a recommendation. Math, Reading, Writing & Language, and Essay can be given in any order. Although recommended to give Sessions 1’s before Session 2’s, this also is not required. E.G. if you gave Session 1 on a given day, had Session 2 scheduled for the next day, and a student was absent the day of Session 1, you can give Session 2 to that student first then reschedule Session 1 as a makeup.

Q: We are having trouble finding eMPowerME practice/sample Essays. (posted 2/15/18)
A: In the 2017-2018 Sample Items tab (items from 2017), there are NO ESSAY samples as every Essay passages and prompt for all grades 3-8 were field test items. In the Historical Information 2016-2017 Sample Items tab (items from 2016), there is ONE Essay per grade level. Upon completion of the 2018 operational test administration of eMPowerME, we will have new released items as samples for 2018-19 for all content areas.

Q: Will we be getting released items from this next round of testing? In the past, the MEA also released items that contributed to student scores. That was helpful. (posted 2/15/18)
A: When the Math and ELA/Literacy contract was first signed for year one with Measured Progress for 2015-16, it was designed to be a 10-year contract renewal plan. From year one the design was to not have released items, which actual data, until year three, which is this administration year 2017-18. There will be released items after this spring’s administration.

Q: When will the training webinars be posted on the webpage? (posted 2/15/18)
A: The Training Demos are now posted.

Q: Can we have access to the introduction slides from the DOE? It has a lot of links and information that would be very helpful to have. (posted 2/15/18)
A: The slide decks from the morning eMPowerME sessions are posted in the MEA Mathematics and ELA/Literacy's Professional Development and Training page.

Q: It was said that a student can take all day to finish a test session but there is a set of time limits per test session per grade level. Which is true? Students have to complete the assessment in the restricted time or students have all day to finish a test? (posted 2/15/18)
A: Most students need to finish the test sessions in the prescribed time frames. More time is allowed for students with the approved support of “extended time”. With this approved support, students may take longer than the prescribed time frames for the 7 sessions, but still MUST finish each test session in one day. Please refer to the Accessibility Guide.

Q: Student login credentials (tickets) data should be available as a .csv file for download so that the data can be sorted. This would save hours of time sorting 2400+ tickets by hand. (posted 2/15/18)
A:  Having this exportable in a csv file would pose a security/privacy issue as they are editable. This is on the list for improvements for 2019.

Q: Will the test app work on a Chromebook? (posted 2/15/18)
A: Yes. Please refer to the Kiosk Installation Guide.

Q: Is there a way for test administers to view only the progress of the students they are proctoring? (posted 2/15/18)
A: At this time no. Test completion status must be checked by the STC.

Q: Where can the accommodations and supports guide be found on the DOE website? (posted 2/15/18)
A: The 2018 Accessibility Guide covers the Universal Tools, Supports and Accommodations. The Portal User Guide explains how to enter accommodations and supports into an individual student’s profile.

Q: Do we have the ability to sort student login tickets other than alphabetically? In previous years, we had the option to sort by a grouping method, other than A-Z, is that an option? (posted 2/15/18)
A: We eliminated the ‘create classes’ feature and you can sort only by A-Z.

Q: Is there a way for a small group of students to be with a human reader (same test, same reader, small group of kids)? (posted 2/15/18)
A: No. If the small group of students all have Read Aloud and are testing online, there are multiple “forms” of each test and the students may not have the same questions in the same order. If the small group of students have Read Aloud and are taking a paper-pencil version, you cannot rely on all of the students completing each question at the same pace.

Q: When will the school test coordinator manual be available? (posted 2/15/18)
A: The testing manuals are posted in the Testing Materials section of the Measured Progress website

Q: Will there be available practice on kiosk? (posted 2/15/18)
A: Yes. The kiosk-based online Student Tutorials are available on February 19th.

Q: Why did you take a week away, giving us less time to implement the test? (posted 2/15/18)
A: Last year was the only year that the Essay session was given separately in its own test window so that we could field test every passage and prompt needed to be used for the next several years. This year, as the first year, all 7 test sessions must be administered in the 4-week test window.

Q: Is there any reason why a teacher would need login info this year? Previously, I have not made accounts for TA's. (posted 2/15/18)
A: No, it is not necessary for Test Administrators to have login accounts.

Q: Is the Kiosk app new or can the version used last year be used this year? (posted 2/15/18)
A: The Kiosk app is new for 2018 and last year’s is not applicable.

Q: Do we have contact help desk if students switch devices in between sessions or only during a session? (posted 2/15/18)
A: No only if switching devises during a session.

Q: Blackout dates for Accommodations Upload (3/19/18-4/13/18). Does the bullet point below mean that once the Empower ELA/Math window is open for testing that we cannot add or adjust accommodations? (posted 2/15/18)
A: No that means during that blackout you can’t do it in bulk using the csv file. You can do individual manual changes.

Q: Can you clarify the persistence of tools in the eMPowerME Kiosk (e.g. highlighter, note pad, etc.)? (posted 2/16/18)
A: For details please refer to Test Administrator Technology Guide.

Q: I know where to find the paper-based pdf sample items for practice, but how can the students practice eMPowerME online? For how long are the practice tutorials available? (posted 2/16/18)
A:  The ‘online practice’ version this year is the Student Tutorial opening on 2/19. It’s through the new 2018 Kiosk so that it has to be installed on the student devices first. Tutorials are open until the end of the testing window (4/13/18)

Q: Do all students in a grade have the same form/version of the test? (posted 2/16/18)
A: No. There are multiple “forms” of each test (10-12) and the students may not have the same questions in the same order.

Q: Are the test sessions timed?  Will they time out on students if they are not finished? Last year there was talk about the MEAs turning off after the student was on the test for their allotted time. Will this happen this year? (posted 2/16/18)
A: The test sessions must follow the prescribed time frames and monitoring these times is the responsibility of the TA/Proctor. The test sessions do not automatically/electronically close at the end of the prescribed time. They do automatically submit at the end of the day if not self-submitted by student.

Q: How many unique sets of login credentials will there be for each student? To get student log ins this year, do we still have to log in and print out the cards like we did last year? (posted 2/16/18)
A: There is a unique test session login for each of the 7 test sessions (Reading 1 & 2, Math 1 & 2, Writing/Language 1 & 2, Essay). The test tickets need to be printed out for the students just as in previous years.

Q: Are we allowed to play music during testing? (posted 2/16/18)
A: This is not prohibited, but not recommended as it could be distracting for some students.

Q: Where do I find the test administrator test directions that should be read aloud to students? (posted 2/16/18)
A: The script for the TAs is found in the Test Administrator Manual.

Q: Can students use a Speech-To-Text program? (posted 2/7/18)
A:The eMPowerME testing platform is not designed to have any other program running simultaneously (e.g. a Speech-To-Text program). When opening the eMPowerME Kiosk, all other programs are blocked. The equivalent to Speech-To-Text would be using a Scribe, as long as that is documented in a student’s IEP and/or 504 plan. If utilizing a Scribe, please refer to the Scribe Protocol (PDF, 129KB)



High School/SAT


Q: A student from North Yarmouth Academy is a Freeport resident and would like to take the SAT on April 10 at Freeport High School. Is this something we can offer even though they are not attending a public school. (posted 2/15/18)
A: Students who attend private schools such as NYA (which is not an SAT testing site) who are eligible for state-required assessments must return to their sending/responsible districts for the 4/10 SAT.

Q: Will we get a copy of the powerpoints used in today's sessions? (posted 2/15/18)
A: The slide decks from the afternoon SAT sessions are posted in the MEA Mathematics and ELA/Literacy's Professional Development and Training page.

Q: Does the state want the names of new juniors that enroll after Feb 2? I understand that they won't get a label. (posted 2/15/18)
A: No. DOE will know who these students are based on the state Synergy enrollment, but we will not be passing subsequent enrollment data to College Board from now through the SAT testing (4/10 & 4/24). Those students will need to complete a paper registration on 4/10.

Q: Is there a central list of special purpose schools that are approved SAT test sites - how can we easily find out which 3rd year students will test at their secondary site and who we will need to test in our primary school site. (posted 2/15/18)
A: The following Special Purpose Private Schools (SPPSs) are registered SAT testing sites:

  • Aucocisco School 1312
  • Future Builders School 1269
  • Glenn Stratton learning Center 1165
  • Kids Peace Graham Lake School 1163
  • Kids Peace East Millinocket 1709
  • ME Sp. Ed./M.H. Collaborative 1184
  • Sweetser Belfast 1286
  • Sweetser Saco 1285

All students with secondary enrollment in SPPSs other than the above need to send their students back to the sending/responsible district (high school) for the SAT assessment. If this is not viable, the SPPS needs to make alternate arrangements directly with the sending district. We suggest SPPSs and sending districts communicate directly with each other to ensure testing availability.

Q: Are 4th year high school students able to take school day SATs? (posted 2/15/18)
A: No. Only 3rd year high school students (based on cohort and graduation year) are eligible. Other students can register/take the SAT on other national/state College Board testing dates (Saturdays) at their own expense.

Q: If a student moves to homeschool, what do we do if the student was included in Bulk reg? (posted 2/15/18)
A: If by 2/2/18 the student was not coded as "homeschooled" and was included in the bulk reg file, then a test booklet will be sent to the district with a label. If then subsequently changed to homeschooled, those students can participate in state assessments optionally and based on local district policy.


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