Prevention Resources

This section provides helpful resources from Maine providers for school staff, parents and youth.


School Staff Resources

  • Creating Safe Maine Schools. This website offers a resource guide that includes a collection of theory-driven programs and resources available in Maine. Programs focus on establishing safer school climates, more inclusive learning environments, and personal safety.
  • Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (Downeast and Southern Maine branches). While many schools show a willingness to address bullying generally, effective efforts must address the pervasive issue of anti-LGBT bullying as a crucial element of the problem. GLSEN helps schools implement effective and age-appropriate anti-bullying programs to improve school climate for all students.
  • Hardy Girls Healthy Women. Encourage young girls to join Hardy Girls Healthy Women, which empowers them to experience equality, independence and safety in their everyday lives.
  • Leadership School at Kieve. Combines rigorous and relevant group work, individual reflection, and a host of fun, interactive and adventure-based initiatives to address many issues, such as bullying, that youth face daily, both in and out of school.
  • One Tree Center. Youth and adults from diverse backgrounds learn with each other and work toward innovative solutions to community issues together at the One Tree Wholistic Learning Center in South Portland.
  • Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports. This training teaches staff about a simple procedure that they can teach students to use when they are feeling disrespected by others. This particular training works extremely well in schools that have adopted PBIS systems and practices.
  • Power of H2O. Through a visual and physical presentation, Chuck C. Nguyen demonstrates the power to overcome obstacles and bullying by utilizing the metaphor of water. This gentle, yet powerful force and mindset can be applied in everyday situations.
  • Restorative School Practices of Maine. Works effectively to keep students engaged and connected in the school community. RSPM provides training, presentations, workshops, institutes and consultation on changing school climate to become more restorative.
  • Safe Schools for All. Safe Schools For All helps K-12 schools implement best practices to address the problems of peer aggression, harassment and bullying.
  • Stop Bullying Now. Stan Davis, author of Schools Where Everyone Belongs and Empowering Bystanders, offers consultation and trainings in what works in bullying prevention and many other related areas.? He also has two DVDs available for elementary and secondary schools to use in staff trainings.
  • Syntiro & the Learning Disabilities of Maine. Collaborate to provide professional devlopment to teachers, guidance counselors and administrators in Maine schools in the area of bullying and harrassment.
  • The Unity Project. Provides high quality youth leadership development and harassment prevention programming for schools across Maine. The Unity Project builds strong leadership among young people and adults to prevent harassment and create safe schools.


Youth Resources

  • Civil Rights Teams. The Civil Rights Team Project (CRTP) is a school-based program administered by Maine?s Office of the Attorney General. The mission of the CRTP is to increase the safety of elementary, middle level and high school students by reducing bias-motivated behaviors and harassment in our schools.
  • Maine Youth Action Network (MYAN). MYAN's mission is to empower and prepare youth and adults to partner for positive change by offering them training, networking and leadership opportunities. The website includes resources for school staff and youth, as well as various trainings, including Youth Leaders Alliance Training Program andYouth Leadership and Youth Adult Partnership Training: Super Power Partners Training Program.
  • Project Aware. Participate in youth empowerment workshops, create presentations, and take your message to your peers.
  • Young Adult Abuse Prevention Program. YAAPP believes domestic violence and dating violence occurs because society does not recognize the inequities and violence towards women and minority groups as a national problem. YAAPP works to end dating violence in Cumberland and Sagadahoc Counties.
  • Youth MOVE Maine. A support system for youth to build skills for partnership, improve policies that impact youth, and support leadership so that youth can raise awareness and make a difference in the lives of others and in their communities.


Parent Resources

  • Advocates for Children. Creates programs to prevent child maltreatment and empower children and families to live healthy and productive lives. Advocates for Children offers workshops for parents on a wide variety of topics.
  • G.E.A.R. Parent Network. G.E.A.R. offers workshops for parents on bullying prevention. Parents can also share experiences and knowledge on this online forum.
  • Maine Parent Federation. Information, advocacy, education and training to benefit families of children and adults with disabilities and special health care needs.
  • Parent Resource Center. Offers practical parenting training and skills advice to families in York County.
  • Parenting coach. Parent coach Deb Landry specializes in social awareness behaviors, bullying prevention and character education. She has authored several interactive children's mentoring plays and articles on these subjects including a peer-based anti-bullying program for schools and colleges.
  • Southern Maine Parent Awareness. Offers information, referral support and education to families throughout Maine who have children with special needs.
  • Stop Your Child from Being Mistreated. Your child is being mistreated by another student?now what? Advice for parents on how to protect your child from bullying.