The Power of Principals

The schools of RSU 20 focused on wholesale school improvement, strong principal leadership, and moral courage to engage in conversation about the shift to proficiency based education. Both Troy Howard Middle School (THMS) and Searsport District High School (SDHS) were enthusiastic early adopters and promoters of reforms around standards-based reporting, interventions and formative assessment. Many of the elementary schools of the district moved in that direction as well.




Student Academies

  • Academy Visions (RTF, 44KB). Vision statements for each of the academies created at THMS.
  • Academy Restructure Memo (RTF, 110KB). 2010 memo to committee tasked with designing THMS's academy structure.
  • Staff Communication (RTF, 105KB). Staff letter about the implementation of academies at THMS.
  • Teacher Academy Voice (RTF, 103KB). A form for teachers to fill-out regarding their academy area of interest.
  • Academy Work Agenda (RTF, 113KB). Agenda for two-day faculty workshop about implementing academy structure.

Community Engagement

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