Initiative Highlights (2010-11)

Priorities/Action Planning Results from 2010 Directions and Recalibration Event

At the Annual meeting on Nov. 17, 2010, the WMEC BoD used a Multi-voting process to review the data from the October 15th World Café and Next Steps activities. The areas and actions identified for initial work were:

Develop an Action Plan

  • Plan and deliver a pilot Summer Academy with the focus on Best Practices of teaching Math at the Elementary Level. The Academy would run 2-3 weeks, be presented twice; in two different areas of the region; and use a learning lab format where teachers with expertise work with students while simultaneously providing professional development to other teachers
  • WMEC will host 2-3 meeting for principals to provide networking opportunities, build lateral capacity and provide professional development opportunities

Common Calendar (regionally or at least some common components to start)

  • Place on hold wait for the current State level work to be finalized. Revisit

Create a template or electronic survey to gather data about PD initiatives, experts, level of implementation, current resources create on-line resource center

  • Subcommittee (Sue, Mona, Pam) will meet to design and disseminate the template as a first step toward a “resource center”

Explore grants that can be done collaboratively increase funding for WMEC staffing

  • Subcommittee will meet with a grant writer at UMF who has expressed interest in working with WMEC (Mona and Pam to meet with Linda Gamble)

Promote multi-year membership (discounts, incentives, etc)

  • Officers will develop a proposal with an array of options to be presented at the January 12 BOD meeting.

This Center for Best Practice is a collaboration between the Maine Department of Education and the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, made possible by the contributions of the Maine schools that share their stories.