Renewal for Conditional Certification

Renewal of initial one-year (conditional) certificates requires that applicants have a positive recommendation of the Advisory Committee on School Psychologists, complete a year of supervised practice and hold a valid Nationally Certified School Psychologist Certificate or a valid license issued by the Board of Examiners of Psychologists of Maine.

The school psychologist renewal forms will be sent to you via U.S. mail. When you return your application to the Certification Office, please enclose:

  • The completed application
  • Verification of post-internship supervision
  • $100 fee


1. Check your name and address at the top of the application; make corrections either above or below the existing information. 

2. If you have completed an additional degree (not courses or a degree in progress) since your last renewal, enter the information on the appropriate lines. Enclose an official transcript showing degree, date conferred, and courses (ex. C.A.S., Doctorate).

3. Submit verification of post-internship supervision.

NOTE for CHRC renewal: See the fee sheet. Some applicants will also need to send the additional $24 fee so we can re-check your fingerprints. You do not need to have your fingerprints taken again.

4. If you have other certificates to be renewed, please refer to the other renewal instruction letter that will be in your mailed packet.

5. Answer the three questions and sign the back of the application.

  • Yes Questions. If you answered “yes” to Question 1: For each conviction, enclose a brief explanation stating when and what the conviction was. In all likelihood, if the conviction is more than three years older than the final discharge from the Criminal Justice system (end of all incarceration, completion of parole, completion of probation, community service, and payment of fines), attested court documents will not be requested. Exceptions to this time limit include convictions relating to harm to children. If further information is requested, you will need to provide attested copies of the Judgment and Commitment papers (including probation conditions). These documents may be obtained from the Clerk of Courts where you were convicted. You must include any conviction for which you were found guilty and paid a fine, served time in jail or on probation, paid restitution, lost a license, or performed public service. This would include OUI.

If you answered “yes” to Questions 2 and/or 3: Enclose an explanation for each situation.

If you answered “yes” on a previous certification application and there have been no additional charges filed, submit a signed statement listing prior convictions and that there have been no new charges since the previous “yes” was submitted.

6. Please draw a line through certificates or endorsements not being renewed (lines 26-30).

7. Do not send a copy of your current certificate.

Processing could take eight to 10 weeks. Delays will occur if your application package is not complete or if we need to wait for the results of your fingerprint criminal history record checks.