Requests to Access Protected Educational Data

As detailed in the "Release of Student Data to Researchers and Other Agencies" section of the "Maine Department of Education Data Access and Management Policy", personnally identifiable data about students may only be released to researchers or other agencies for limited eductaion purposes and only if privacy, confidentiality and security can be assured.

Vendors performing work for the Department may have limited access to this infomation for the pupose of supporting, enhancing or replacing the information systems that contain student data. Vendors may also be performing educational analysis and evaluation at the behest of the Department. All vendors working in these capacities must have a fully excuted contract with the Department which includes Rider B-IT. Rider B-IT provides stricts safeguards on any student data that the vendor may come in contact with over the period of their assigments. Rider B-IT is contained in BP54-EO-IT available from the Maine Bureau of Purchases at

Researchers and other agencies must submit a written request to the Education Data Manager for permission to have access to personally identifiable data that explains the purpose of the research study, specifies for which educational agency or institution the study is being conducted, assures that the research proposed has been vetted and approved by the agenciy's Institutional Review Board (IRB)and details how the researchers will ensure data confidentiality and security. This request will be considered on a case-by-case basis to determine if the request is in accordance with federal and state laws. The release of student data to researchers outside the agency is considered a loan of data (i.e., the recipients do not have ownership of the data). Researchers are required to return or destroy the data once their research is completed.

All recipients/users of the requested restricted use data must sign a Memorandum of Agreement for Disclosure of Individually Identifiable Records Data Sharing and Confidentiality Agreement (MOU) that indicates that the user agrees to abide by the Procedures for Protection of Individually Identifiable Student/Teacher Information.

A sample MOU (PDF & MS Word Format) is available along with a sample project addendum a. While the MOU is required of the institution or agency only once, an addenda must be amended to the MOU for each new research effort. The MOU language is subject to change with the final arbiter of MOU/Addenda language being the Office of the Maine Attorney General and The Maine Department of Education.

If the research request is granted, the Education Data Manager shall receive a copy of any analysis or reports created with the data. Data access provisions may change if mandated by federal statute, state law, or administrative rules.

If you wish to contact the Data Management Team with suggestions, questions or concerns, please e-mail them at You can also follow them on Twitter at @mdoeData.