A teacher works individually with a student.Data Resources

Data can be a powerful tool in helping educators to customize instruction and meet the needs of each student. Data can help educational leaders and policymakers make smart decisions about educational programs and practices. And data can shine a light for members of the public on the academic performance of schools, education spending and more.

The Maine Department of Education has made significant investments--largely made possible through federal longitudinal data system grants--in improving the quality and availability of district-, school- and student-level data.

  • Data Warehouse. Maine DOE's Data Warehouse puts data about Maine’s schools in one place where it’s easy to find and easy to understand.
  • Data & Research. The Maine DOE offers a sampling of the plethora of outside research into public education.
  • Data Training & Certification. The Department's Data Quality Certification Program emphasizes accurate data reporting and wise use of data to improve student outcomes.


Bill Hurwitch
State Longitudinal Data System Project Director