Using the Data Warehouse

Screenshot of Data WarehouseThe Maine Department of Education’s Data Warehouse puts data about Maine’s schools in one place where it’s easy to find and easy to understand.

The Warehouse is a powerful tool in the arsenal of educators working to improve student outcomes. It's an equally powerful tool for parents and students who want to find out how their local schools are performing and how their performance compares to other Maine schools', districts' and the entire state's. The Data Warehouse also offers easily understandable data on school spending, Maine's student population and staff members working in the state's schools.

Certain educators have secure, password-protected access to data on individual students so they can use data as a tool to tailor instruction to the needs and learning styles of each student.

Enter the Maine DOE Data Warehouse

The Maine DOE's Data Warehouse is divided into three primary sections: Snapshots, Data Tables and Growth Model.



Snapshots icon in Data WarehouseSnapshots offer a high-level look at and comparisons of academic performance, student population, staffing and finance data for an individual school, a particular district or the entire state of Maine. Interested in how student performance in Kittery compares to performance in Madawaska? Interested in how experienced the staff at a school in Bangor is compared to another school's teaching staff in Augusta? Snapshots can show you.

Snapshots offer a graphical look at data on enrollment, dropout and graduation rates, standardized test performance, school spending, staff salaries and years of experience, student discipline, special education services and more.


Data Tables

Data Tables icon in the Data WarehouseData tables offer users access to the raw numbers for a broad range of data fields. Do you want to find out how many instructors between the ages of 25 and 29 were employed in Appleton in 2006? Or how many students in Saco scored proficient in reading on the 2010 New England Common Assessment Program test? Data tables can show you.

Data tables offer numerical information about discipline, dropout and graduation, English learners, enrollment, finance, standardized test performance, students' special education status, student attendance and free and reduced-price lunch eligibility.


Growth Model

Growth Model icon in the Data WarehouseThe growth model offers a graphical and numerical look at how student achievement has changed from year to year at an individual school, in a particular district or in the entire state of Maine. You can use the growth model to compare the academic progress of schools and districts, and if you have password access, to examine the progress of individual students.


Need help?

If you're exploring the Data Warehouse and need some tips on navigating a particular section, there's help available.

  • Want to know how to use the page you're viewing? Click the "Help?" button in the upper righthand corner of any page. A new window will appear with instructions on using that particular page. The help window also offers explanatory videos.
  • Want an explanation of the data you're seeing? Click the "Definitions" link in the upper righthand corner of the chart or graph you're viewing. A window will appear with an explanation of the data, along with definitions for related terms.
  • Want to export the data for later viewing or analysis? The links next to "Definitions" allow you to export the selected data to your computer for viewing in Microsoft Excel, another spreadsheet tool or as a PDF.