List of Non-Accredited Post-Secondary Schools - B

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Location (s)


Bangalore Inst of Science, Tech. and Mgt



Barrington University



Belford University

Texas, previously Nevada or Arizona. Also Saudi Arabia


Beloved Community Seminary


Not a degree-granting entity in Oregon.

Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education



Bennington University

United States, possibly elsewhere

Not to be confused with Bennington College which is fully accredited. Bennington University sometimes issues a Vermont address also.

Berne University

Pennsylvania, St. Kitts, Virginia

Approval revoked by St. Kitts, February 2006. May be closed or operating as Bernelli University.

Bernelli University Virginia  

Bienville University

Louisiana, Mississippi

Closed by state action in Louisiana.

Bircham International University

UK, Spain, Bahamas

Not recognized as a degree-granter by the Spanish government (AACRAO evaluation).

Blackstone University


Part of network of fake schools associated with St. Regis University.

Brainwells University

US, Canada

May operate from outside North America

Brantridge University


Has ceased operations.

Breyer State University

Alabama, Idaho, Liberia

Not a state school.

Bridgewater University

UK, Seychelles


Brighton University

Missouri, Hawaii

Closed by court order.

Britain College of Management and Science



British American Business Institute



Bronte International University

Unknown, probably Caribbean

New name for the unaccredited offshore entity formerly known as Trinity College and University. Also operated in Louisiana and maybe elsewhere.

Burnell College

Great Britain


Business and Computer University College


May be branch of unaccredited American University of Hawaii.

Buxton University


Not a legal British institution.

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