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Randford University



Randford University


Not authorized in Florida to award degrees.

Richardson University

Bahamas; Wyoming

Appears to be the new version of Hamilton University.

Robert de Sorbon

France, Switzerland, Maine, Florida and the Comoro Islands

Uses several similar names including "U Francophone" and "Ecole Superior" with the Sorbon name. Degrees issued by this entity are invalid because the entity has no legal authority from any recognized government to issue degrees. Its claim of authority from France is inaccurate and its claim of authority from the Comoro Islands is meaningless. Secured articles of incorporation in the State of Maine, but has not authority to confer degrees.

Run from Florida by Jean Prade. AACRAO has concluded that the entity has no authority to issue degrees. Claims of AACRAO approval made by an organization called AUAP are inaccurate and AACRAO has filed suit against the entity. Swedish government rejects its degrees. Not the same as 'Sorbonne', which refers to three government-recognized universities in Paris.

Robertstown University

Liberia, operated from Washington state, Idaho and Arizona.


Rochelle University


Probably related to Rochville University. Not the same as the legitimate College of New Rochelle in New York or University de la Rochelle in France.

Rochville University



Rocklands University

Probably UK but operator may be in US


Romano Byzantine

Minnesota, Virginia

Appears to be reincarnation of former Colorado entity Notre Dame de Lafayette.

Royal Canadian Institute of Technology

British Columbia

Has no legal authority to issue degrees.

Rushmore University

Cayman Is., Georgia USA

The Cayman Islands has no equivalent to US accreditation.

Rutherford University

Wyoming, British Columbia, Switzerland

Formerly labeled Stratford International University. Has no authority to issue degrees.


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